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Serve Up Local Flavah for Your Hotel Guests

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If there are two things travelers look for when visiting a new place, it’s a comfortable bed to sleep in and great food to eat.Hotel front desks have become a great resource for hungry guests, with staff making expert recommendations for famed local restaurants and hidden gems alike. What guests may not realize, though, is that the hotel’s own restaurant can provide delicious meals that are just as locally inspired.

Guests often have dozens of restaurants to choose from when their stomachs begin rumbling, so how does a hotel restaurant stand out in a way that convinces curious tourists to eat in?

Put Your Spin on Local Favorites

Whether it’s lobster, chowder, or whoopie pies, each part of New England is famous for something. Hotel chefs and food service providers can find out what the local staples are and incorporate them into their restaurant’s menu for a dining experience that is authentic to the neighborhood.

To make them truly your own, put a spin on the classics—just make sure you don’t stray too far from the original and end up committing a local cuisine faux pas.

Stock Fresh Meats and Seasonal Produce

Every restaurant is, of course, going to strive to stock the freshest ingredients. But there is something particularly alluring about incorporating locally sourced or distributed ingredients into your menus.

There are a number of ingredients, including both crops and livestock products, that are grown right here in New England. Using these ingredients can entice diners who love knowing exactly where their food is coming from and being able to support local farmers in the area.

For those ingredients that aren’t indigenous to the area, there is still the opportunity to partner with local distributors to source the products elsewhere but still contribute to the local economy. Moreover, a local distributor can often make more frequent deliveries, meaning you’ll never run out of the fresh ingredients you need to keep your dishes coming out hot.

Market Your Community Involvement

Checking out the local restaurant scene is a big way that travelers can feel they are getting an authentic experience in a foreign place. It makes them feel engrained in the culture and neighborhood, something they may not think is possible within a hotel whose name they may recognize from closer to home.

That’s why it’s important to showcase your involvement in the community. Supporting the local food pantry, partnering with local chefs on menus, and purchasing produce from local distributors are all ways that you can show your food’s connection to the local culture.

Native Maine is a New England-based specialty foods distributor that can provide you with the freshest available ingredients, as well as a wealth of menu planning knowledge from the highly accomplished chefs on our staff. Contact us online or give us a call at (207) 856-1100.

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