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Protein Pro-Tips: Trying Out New Protein Options Across Your Restaurant's Franchise Locations


Sticking with the protein options your chefs know is a safe way to ensure your franchise locations serve comfortably reliable meals. However, as good as familiarity is, venturing out from the typical can be a great way to diversify your menus, excite even the most regular of customers, and broaden your restaurant’s appeal.

Customers who visit restaurant franchises and always order their favorite dish know exactly what they want, and are happy with what you have to offer. But what about those diners who regularly venture out in search of different flavors?

While quality and taste are the most important parts of any meal, if you’re looking to attract new customers, a few new protein options might be just what they’re looking for.

To expand your offerings and add some variety to your menu, here are some strategies that can help you decide the best dishes to try out next.

Target Local Trends

A tried and true way to introduce new meals to your menu is to start with one franchise location and measure reception from there. This approach also offers another benefit: it can give you the opportunity to directly target local trends and tastes.

Try brushing up on local knowledge of the areas surrounding your franchise locations. Is there a dish that’s popular around one location that you’re not currently offering? Visitors to a new town or city may want to see what sorts of local protein restaurants offer, which can be a great opportunity for you to offer them something that’ll ensure their visit is a memorable one.

If they can’t get local items at your restaurant, however, then they’re bound to go somewhere else. Likewise, if the area is known for its local meats, then putting a unique spin on a classic favorite might be just the right thing to draw in diners new and old.

Bringing on-trend tastes to your franchise locations is much easier when you’re partnered with a local wholesale meat distributor. These distributors know the area better than anyone and can offer the kinds of fresh and high-protein items you and your diners are looking for.

Stand Out from the Competition

Another way to get some inspiration is to check out the types of protein your competitors are offering—and the types they’re not. If there’s a protein you’re not seeing on anyone’s menu that your chefs are willing to try out, that could be a great place to bring something new to the community. Being known as the only place in town to try that ‘something new’ is sure to attract attention and help establish a reputation for fresh, exciting foods.

Of course, there are costs and other concerns associated with variety. With new, untested meals and a wide array of meat options can come difficulties in ordering the right amount of protein for each restaurant. And when you’re working with wholesale meat distributors, price and service quality are also important deciding factors.

With a local meat supplier like Native Maine Produce and Specialty Foods, you can get the right amount of quality protein items for the right price, thanks to our low-order minimum. You’ll save on costs and avoid spoiled product, allowing you to be flexible in what you offer. That freedom to try new things could be exactly what your restaurant needs to generate an influx of customers.

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