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Protein Pro-Tips: Comparing Wholesale Meat Options

meat options

Restaurant owners and chefs are passionate about serving memorable meals to their patrons. Though their culinary imaginations may be limitless, their budgets are often not. Here are some tips on how to compare wholesale meat options to ensure you get the best quality, flavor, and price.


Any reputable meat distributor will only sell you high-quality ingredients. That said, there are some cuts that are innately more coveted than others, such as Wagyu beef, which results in a higher price tag. If your menu has flexibility, though, you can save big time by purchasing different meat with a comparable flavor profile.

For example, Wagyu ribeye can cost anywhere up to $110 per pound, whereas USDA certified prime ribeye can cost a fraction of that at around $10 per pound. While a highly skilled palate may be able to definitively tell the difference, many diners would find the abundantly marbled, tender prime beef to be a worthy substitute.


Oftentimes, purchasing a higher quantity means a discounted price per item. This can be a great way to save if you have the order volume to support ordering a large quantity at once. However, for restaurants that have a lower budget, lower diner volume, or limited storage space, this may not be a practical solution.

Partnering with a local distributor can help solve this problem by offering lower shipment minimums that allow you to order a smaller quantity without jacking up the price per item. While the price per item may still be slightly higher than if you ordered a much larger quantity, it will prevent you from over-ordering simply to meet a high minimum shipment quantity and will save you in both that initial cost and by lowering spoilage from unsold products.


At the end of the day, when a restaurant owner or chef is placing an order they have to consider the dollars and cents. What you have to consider, though, is the totality of what you’re receiving for the price you’re paying.

Simply put, a meat distributor that competes on price undercutting alone is not likely going to provide the level of service, support, and responsiveness that you or your business need. The prices of a local distributor such as Native Maine are competitive to what the broad line distributors offer but also come with exceptional service that can’t be beaten.

There is a great value to choosing a distributor with transparent and fair pricing over one that slashes and raises costs unpredictably based on market trends. If you’re interested in receiving unparalleled service without sacrificing quality or service, contact Native Maine today.

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