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How Restaurants Can Benefit from Multiple Deliveries in a Day


There’s nothing more important to a restaurant than food. Without a healthy supply of fresh ingredients and products, the meals the restaurant (and its diners) live and breathe off of would drop in quality, negatively affecting multiple levels of the business.

Knowing when to schedule deliveries is also of the utmost importance to a restaurant. If you can predict when your kitchen will need a fresh stock of a product, then you can preemptively plan for that so you never run out of food when you need it most. One way New England restaurants can do this is by having a local distributor like Native Maine deliver to your restaurant more than once a day.

Having multiple deliveries in a day can be the secret ingredient to your restaurant’s success. With careful timing and planning, you can ensure that your restaurant serves nothing less than the freshest meals possible.

Planning Ahead

There are few things worse than not being able to provide a customer with the meal they wanted to order, but if you don’t have the necessary ingredients to make it, then you’re out of luck. Since the restaurant industry is so fast-paced and unpredictable, knowing when you’re going to run out of a specific item is far from easy.

This is one of the unique benefits a local produce distributor can bring to your restaurant. Since local wholesalers don’t have to travel as far as a broadline distributor would, they can afford to be far more flexible with their delivery schedules. When you’re facing a product shortage you can be confident in your distributor’s ability to quickly deliver the products you need.

However, instead of waiting to respond to a shortage, why not try a preemptive approach? If your weekend special involves fresh salmon, then try reaching out to your local distributor and schedule a delivery for Saturday morning and evening.

This way you can get fresh salmon (among the other ingredients you might need for the weekend) bright and early to get ready for the evening rush. Then, when the evening inevitably comes around, you’ll have a second delivery to help you restock before the next day begins. Approaching deliveries like this helps you guarantee that you only ever serve the freshest products without needing to worry about running out of inventory.

Ready for Anything

Restaurants need to be ready for anything that comes their way. Whether that’s a large party of people who want a dozen orders of the same appetizer or a Sunday night rush of people excited about seafood, you want your kitchen to always be stocked with the right items at the right time for the right diners.

When you work with a local distributor like Native Maine Produce & Specialty Products you’ll be partnering with one of New England’s leading produce wholesalers. We have over 3,000 quality items in stock, and we’re proud to offer our customers local, regional, and hard-to-find specialty items that we’ll happily deliver to your restaurant as often as you need.

No matter what comes your way, local distributors like Native Maine are here to help you delight your guests with the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious meals. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help stock your restaurant with the best ingredients!

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