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Here's What Native ME Drivers Say Customer Service Means to Them

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Here at Native Maine Produce & Specialty Foods, nothing is more important than customer service. It’s our goal to provide every one of our customers with exceptional service, delicious food items, timely deliveries, and we wouldn’t be able to do any of that if our customer service wasn’t up-to-par.

This is especially true when it comes to our many drivers, who are tasked with delivering our customers’ orders to their restaurants. If you’ve done business with Native Maine before, then you know how important flexible and timely deliveries are to us. It’s our goal to be the “Local You Know,” and a critical part of that involves providing you with the products you need precisely when you need them.

The frequency and flexibility of your shipments mean that you’ll have the unique opportunity to build a genuine relationship with the truck driver who delivers your shipments. These personalized, one-on-one interactions are unique to local distributors like Native Maine and make up one of the foundational pillars for the kind of service we try to offer.

Here’s what a couple of Native Maine’s very own drivers had to say about their experiences delivering fresh, local produce to restaurants:

Going the Extra Mile

“Customer service is a lot of things,” Eric Marcinkowski, one of Native Maine’s loyal truck drivers, says. “But most importantly it’s about taking care of the customer and making sure they’re good."

More so than almost anyone else in the company, it’s Native Maine’s truck drivers who often define the customer experience for our clients. It’s their faces you see regularly, and it’s their service that you’ll interact with the most. This is why our drivers always go the extra mile because when you work with Native Maine, you’re not only working with one of the leading New England wholesale food distributors, you’re working with a neighbor.

Like Lloyd “Max” Maxwell says, "If the customer's happy, I'm happy!" Our drivers take your business personally, and they want you to succeed as much as you do. This means that they’re not only able to bring you deliveries when you need them, but that they’ll do so with genuine enthusiasm and investment for and in your company’s success.

Your Local Neighbors

According to CMS Wire, “Companies are realizing what science has proved all along — that humans are social creatures and communication is most successful when the face is the focal point.” As valuable as automation and online business is, they can’t replicate the value and personalized service that a flesh-and-blood person can.

Here at Native Maine Produce & Specialty Foods, we’re proud to serve businesses and restaurants throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts with fresh produce, dairy, meats, proteins, and specialty products. We stock over 3,000 unique food products, and always go the extra mile to provide our customers with the highest quality products, and the most exceptional customer service.

Our truck drivers are one of the most important ways we do this. They’re not just drivers; they’re a vital part of what makes our company work. Jim Leonard, another one of our drivers, says it best: "Customers are why I do this!  It's more than a delivery for me; it's about the relationship."

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